Autogenic Australia

Welcome to the Australian Autogenic Society

We are the national professional body for Autogenic Therapists and Trainers in Australia. The AAS is a meeting place for people passionate about Autogenics. We set standards for training and ethical practice, support practitioners and promote research and the various applications of Autogenics in the field of mental and physical health including Psychosomatic Medicine, self-development and peak performance in sports, the performing arts and other endeavours. AAS is affiliated with and endorsed by the International Society of Autogenic Training and Psychotherapy.


Our Honorary Members

Professor Luis de Rivera
Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology
University of Pais Vasco, Spain

Professor Kazuyoshi Koike
Head of the Department of Dentistry
Nippon University, Tokyo, Japan

Dr Luciano Palladino
Department of Psychology
Turin University, Italy

John Gibbons
Retired Psychologist and Autogenic Therapist

Australian Pioneer of Autogenics